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Welcome to the INFINITI Canada I-REDI Digital Program. This program has been carefully crafted and developed to assist automotive Retailers promote and maximize their digital presence as well as lay the groundwork for eCommerce and future digital innovation.

Retailers will be exposed to the leading-technologies in the marketplace today. Proven and distinguished website and digital advertising platforms across multiple partners allows for dealers the choice to help customize their exact needs.

This solution combines top-level customer support, online products and service and reporting tools and portals for Retailers to compete at the highest level.

Understanding that as technology improves, so do the expectations from those utilizing these platforms. This solution not only solves the needs for today’s digital questions but also accounts for future roadmaps and enhancements to be provided through the addition of online tools.


Participation within the I-REDI Digital Program allows for a customized approach to account for the following:

  • Increasing sales and profitability through robust platforms
  • Best-in-class approach to building content and driving traffic to your website
  • Insight into performance and best practice to help tailor your message
  • In-depth support to help in all digital areas
  • Creating a consumer journey that maximizes efficiency
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Digital Advertising

To complement your strong website presence, the below highlights some of the available features from a digital advertising perspective:

  • Generate increased traffic to your site outside of organic referrals.
  • Building out comprehensive digital advertising campaigns across channels
  • Reporting and campaign metrics provided to help tweak campaigns on a recurring basis
  • Leading technology across multiple platforms from SEM, display, video and other medias
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Digital Retailing

The INFINITI I-REDI Dealer Digital Solution offers retailers 2 digital retailing options to convert high-quality traffic and sales. This is where retailers can explore digital retailing options including accessories, financial products, trade-in valuation, credit applications, payment calculator, as well as in-store tools.

The suppliers will provide a dedicated campaign manager to help coordinate your digital retailing efforts to maximize efficiency and budgets across all channels. Please view further information regarding available digital retailing partners below.

As you have questions about the program, please contact the INFINITI Digital Consultant and they will facilitate any necessary steps. Upon enrollment your IDC will be in touch regarding the partner selection and next steps:

888-778-8020 or info@infinitidigital.ca

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